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Help with sending INVITE on an existing dialog

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Joined: 2009-04-03

I've an application that establishes a call and starts a refresh timer. When timer expires, I would like to refresh the call legs/sessions by sending INVITEs. So, to achieve that, I grab the dialog of each leg/session and do the following

DialogActivity dialog = (DialogActivity)session.getDialog();
Request refreshInv = dialog.createRequest(Request.INVITE);
ClientTransaction cTx = getSleeSipProvider().getNewClientTransaction(refreshInv);

INVITE gets send to the intended party, RA receives "200 OK", however the RA ignores the received message with the following INFO message and event never makes it to the SBB.

INFO [org.mobicents.slee.resource.sip11.SipResourceAdaptor] (UDPMessageChannelThread:) ClientTransaction is null posible late 2xx. ToTag[5751b41e] Dialog[gov.nist.javax.sip.stack.SIPDialog@601f7f3e] CALLID[bc461b1e85f83aedd42a118d9ce2679f@] BRANCH[z9hG4bK7cd438b07b5670320ebed8d311f03922363736] METHOD[INVITE] CODE[200]

I also tried sending request without creating a new client transaction.

I got stuck with this issue since a while, any kind of help is appreciated.


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Joined: 2009-11-03

I have a similar problem. However, I found that It is a known issue. See link below, there is a patch to solve this problem :

I did not try the patch please let us know if you are successfull with the patch.

Joined: 2009-04-03

Thanks for the link.

I was using mobicents-1.2.7 that includes sipRA-1.2.7. My guess is that this release of SipRA includes those fixes mentioned in the link. They might have fixed that specific issue but introduced other problems( like mentioned above). When I rolled back SipRA verison to 1.2.5 I could handle ReInvites/DlgInvites and test features like call hold/suspend successfully.

So, the fix is to rollback RA.

Where can I get release notes for RA?
Also, what is the procedure to report an issue for SipRA?