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Mindsilver GUIDE - Final Beta released.

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Joined: 2003-06-30

A huge thanks to everyone who provided feedback and bug reports for our last beta release. We've spent months integrating as much of that feedback as possible and are ready to release our final feature complete beta.

Please check out our list of new features at

A short summary of changes (more detail in link above):

* New Event Binding interface.
* New 3rd party layout support for MigLayout and TableLayout.
* Drag images synthesized for Linux and Windows.
* New Controller creation interface.
* Charset support.
* Complete overhaul of editing nested containers.
* PathBar - breadcrumb like thing.
* New hint layer for undiscoverable features.
* Complete error handing overhaul.
* Selection semantics overhaul.
* Native plaform installation.
* Big memory consumption and startup performance improvements.
* Layout stability improvements.

GUIDE is a new Java GUI Builder for Swing.