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PHONEME issue for nontouch

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My midlet size is well over 1.5 MB, and it doesnot get installed through PHONE ME, so i have to run directly using PHONEME.

1. above option workes well with touch phones (windows mobile) as i can access the menu items, (File, Midlet,Settings etc..) how ever on non touch HTC mobile i am unble to access the file menu option.

2. secondly when i create a .lnk file and try to run the midlet directly using following command

255#"\Program Files\pMEF MIDP\bin\arm\runMidlet.exe" -classpathext "\My Documents\My Midlets\_____.jad" "\My Documents\My Midlets\_____.jar" _MY MIDLET NAME_

i get the error
" the application cannot be launched. One of the the application classes appears to be missing. This could be due to a misnamed class. contact ...... to resolve the issue"

how ever interestingly if i build my midlet with out the image resource, my midlet size reduces to .5 MB and it does get installed and runs pretty good on touch and non touch.

any help in running the app directly this regard would be highly appreciated

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1. The application that you are referring too is a helper utility that I wrote to simplify launching
midlets etc. It is a quick hack and I have not tested it on non-touch smartphones (those that run
Windows Mobile Classic) as I don't have such a device

You can install the midlet in another way, either with the installMidlet.exe in the bin folder (you
might not have a shortcut in the menu, so you may need to use the file explorer)

Or you can run the main application (runmidlet.exe) which will start the midlet manager.
It has an option to install the midlet by specifying a file:// or http:// uri.

Or you can make small shortcut in which you call the graphical installer directly:

...\phoneme\midp\bin\runmidlet.exe -1 com.sun.midp.installer.GraphicalInstaller I "file:///My Documents/My Midlets/___.jad"

2. Are you sure you have put the jar file after the -classpath option? You now have the jad file
added to the classpath which does not make much sense.

Hope this helps


Joined: 2006-04-06

Thank you for your reply, it is much help full, i now have following issue, your help would be much appreciated, thanks

I modified the command option and now it is running on non touch , but the problem remains that it wont let me install the mid let (i.e. if i add the resources and size goes over 1 MB).

[b]255#"\Program Files\pMEF MIDP\bin\arm\runMidlet.exe" -classpathext "\My Documents\My Midlets\jar" -1

the error message pops up saying "you need [b]size of midlet[/b] space to install, ... the error may be due to missing class file..."

the issue gets more frustrating as it runs perfectly after the following command on non touch / runs normal on touch screens with Phone Me utility.

eventually i have to run the mid let directly, it is not allowing to install the mid let, is there some thing wrong?.

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Joined: 2007-01-03

That is odd. If you run the midlet with the shortcut you presented, then you do not actually
install the midlet in the appdb. The phoneME utility with which you can File->Open a jad flle and
then select a midlet, is doing exactly the same (calling runmidlet with classpath extention to jar
and midlet class name). So I find it strange that you get this error message pop up.

Maybe you are bumping into a storage or memory limit, but it is difficult to figure out without
being able to reproduce the error. Can you make your midlet available somewhere so I can
perhaps test myself with the MS Device Emulator for Windows Mobile (non touch classic