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Getting null instance of WSDLSet when using WOMParser

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I tried to use the org.jvnet.wom api to parse a wsdl.
Here is the snippet of code i used

String tempLocation = "D:/harbeer/Documents/HWE-Connect/TeamCener_WebService/ExportDataFromPDMService.wsdl";
WOMParser womParser = new WOMParser();
womParser.parse(new FileReader(new File(tempLocation)));
WSDLSet wsdlSet = womParser.getResult();
System.out.println("WSDLSet -> "+wsdlSet);

The application is getting a null instance of WSDLSet.

The wsdl used here is importing an xsd, where the input and output message structure is defined.

With Regards
Harbeer Kadian

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Joined: 2010-01-19

The above code does not give any problem if the wsdl parsed in the code is not importing any other xsd or wsdl file.