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Trying to get started - any ideas?

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Joined: 2010-01-18

I've been in IT for some time, programming all sorts of odd things. Having recently had a break from work I'm now looking at starting back into it again.
I've been going through the Sun training stuff to try and understand Java, I've also written some stuff in Java ( mainly around XML or JDBC ). I'm always trying to find things to expand my knowledge of coding, but it's not always easy finding up to date information on the web.
Is that enough or should I try and go for certification to show I can do it?
I'm in the UK in case the opportunities are different depending on location.

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Joined: 2009-07-19

hi Nigel
A certification in Java is always good (market/career wise and for yourself too) esp. the basic SCJP for it coforms you not only to the market standards but also helps calrifying those concepts which remain hidden in minds of programmers for long time. And you can easily trust Sun to be organizing their test syllabus to be appropriating the latest and most useful in the current market (while clearing all those fundamentals too .. repeating myself here).

Moving forward, you will have to advance to the complete J5EE platform (Web and Enterprise level) and then as your work demands pour in, over to the many satellite towns around java city.

But a step at a time .. yeah !!!