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Player Start

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Here is a scenario?

The player is in a paused state (ie rate of 0.0f)

Stop the player. Load new playlist. Mute audio. Call set media time. Call start.

Is start() guaranteed to set the rate back to 1.0?

According to the javadocs, set media time can be called on either a started or stopped player (unlike a controller). Should the setmediatime be called before or after start is called?
If mediatime is set before start is called, is the start event sent when the player starts or when it reaches the specified mediatime? Is there any event that can be received (and guaranteed to exist) that fires when the player has reached the desired time (or are we forced to poll the player to getnanoseconds)?

The basic scanario wanted is:

A playitem is paused, a menu button will load a new playlist and jump to a specific frame and then the player will pause.

The problem:

We are having a devil of a time getting all players to jump to the desired frame in the new playlist, present that frame and pause. More often than not the frame is never presented, but all events have fired so setRate(0.0f) is called to pause. This means we get a black screen with the desired new graphics instead of the video frame with the desired new graphics. We even tried pausing for 100ms after start event before pausing, but that made no difference.

We also tried setMediaTimePosition instead of setmediatime but that seemed to crash some players.

Any suggestions?