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SipTimer not working for Mobicents Clustering

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I tried to org.mobicents.servlet.sip.example.DistributableSimpleSipServlet (I have made some modifications) to test SipTimer in the clustering environment. I have two server nodes and one sip load balancer server. SipTimer was working on the node1 and it sent some messages every one minute. But when I shutdown the server node1, the SipTimer was not on the server node2. It looks that the SipTimer was not replicated. Could you please show me how to set up the Mobicents clustering environment to make SipTimer working for the failover?

Thanks in advance!

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DistributableSimpleSipServlet already has the code to test Fault tolerant Timer.
FaultTolerant Timers are available only on the JBoss 5.x version of Mobicents Sip Servlets.Make sure you use this version if you do, you can find some instructions here

the failover fault tolerant timer test is the following once your env is setup
sh uas-timer

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