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Debugging G1 GC

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I wonder if anyone can suggest to me how I can go about debugging G1 GC.

We are seeing this happening:

After moving from CMS to G1, my application will suddenly uses up 60-70% of a CPU Core for no good reason. Although this is similar to a supposedly fixed bug (, I didnt notice memory use kept going up. On the other hand I cannot help but seeing the similarity in terms of high CPU usage.

I cannot predict the time when the issue will happen but I know that if the problem occurs and I force a Full GC (or connect visualVM to it), the Core CPU utilization goes down rightaway.

I am using 1.6u18 b05. The flags I use are:


-XX:+G1ParallelRSetUpdatingEnabled <<< i have tried with or without this
-XX:+G1ParallelRSetScanningEnabled <<< i have tried with or without this

Any suggestion how can I log my observation for Java Bug reporting? visualVM does not seem to register G1's activities.


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I've seen the same behavior on a Swing app running on Win 7 with jre 1.6.0_18 launched only with -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC options.

Pitty because otherwise the G1 does a very good job in compacting the heap.

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JDK6u18 has an older version of G1, does the problem still happen with a recent JDK7 build?

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JDK6u20 early access release includes a recent HotSpot 17 build, so that's also an option:


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I confirm that with java version "1.6.0_20-ea" the problem went away. Great!


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One thing that could probably help would be to run your app with debug/fastdebug builds,
and record stack-traces when the problem occurs (you can use the pstack-utility when using linux).

Another useful thing would probably a oprofile/sysprof profile, to see where all the probably wasted CPU cycles are spent on.

Good luck, Clemens