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zoom in and out of image

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Hi guys,

I am looking for an example or ideas to zoom in and out of images using LWUIT. I am presently using the MoitonComponent example to scroll through it . Can someone help me with some pointers to zoom in and out.

thanks in advance


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I'm working on an application and I use zoom.

I can say that zoom in and out an image is really a problem if your image isn't really small.

You can read about this in this topic I opened:

You can use the scaled() method of the image object, that returns a scaled copy, with the width and height that you desire, of your image. The problem is that this method is not efficient and uses a lot of memory. Watch your memory usage and, if it's valid for you, use this method.

I was tryint to scale a big image, so finally I have had to store three copies of my image in the disk, each one of a different size (100%, 50%, 25%), loading the image that I want when needed.