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GPS/GPRS + Server Socket or Web Service

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Joined: 2010-01-07

Hi guys,

I have a gps/gprs device that send a string to IP:PORT through a gprs connection, so I don't know what is the best way to receive the data in a web app.
My app already works with cell phones, I receive the data in a Servlet, but I'd like to work with embbedable gps devices.
It's possible implement a web service? or should I implement a server socket?

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Joined: 2010-05-03

my code is based on java socket server receives data hyperteminal but does not receive the data sent by the gps gprs! i dont no way!

I know the pc receives them because I installed a sniffer and see the receipt of information

I did several searches and can not find this solution

I am very grateful if someone could help

Joined: 2010-01-30

I am new to gps/gprs technology, but I was assigned a project that requires gps/gprs. Specifically, I have a server, which is supposed to receive gps data transmitted by a gprs module. Any idea how to do it? Would you minding sharing your source code for this purpose?
My email address is
Thanks a lot!