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Integrating xfbdev xserver with phoneme

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I have been able to compile phoneme feature mr4 for my Linux/arm touchscreen device and integrated tslib in it so that now i am able to get inputs from the touchscreen. My problem now is that for some applications i need key inputs( inputs from a qwerty keyboard) for some fields. My device already has a virtual keyboard application and i want to use it for providing the key inputs, but the problem is that when the j2me application runs on the device, it captures the whole framebuffer, and xfbdev is suspended. Hence, i don't know how to use the inbuilt virtual keyboard to give inputs to the J2ME application. Does anybody have any pointers as to how we can try running J2ME application over Xfbdev so that the virtual keyboard could be used.
Any ideas would be helpful, as i am just clueless on how to do this.