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Building JSR 75 for windows mobile

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Joined: 2009-11-18

I've successfully built PhoneME Feature MIDP to run on windows mobile (without JSR 75). Now i want to build it together with JSR 75. But I've encountering errors. It seems like JSR 75 requires Javacall. Do I need to build Javacall if i want to include JSR 75?

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Joined: 2007-01-03

I have succesfully built JSR 75 of the MR3 phoneME Feature implementation. The only javacall
dependency you need to avoid is in the PIM implementation. Just specify at the commandline
the following build option: JSR_75_PIM_HANDLER_IMPL=java

If you want to use the JSR 75 implementation of the MR4 phoneME Feature release, then you
need to fix a hardcoded javacall dependency in the configuration files. Compared to the MR3
implementation, it adds a new c file called fcUtil.c to the JSR 75 native files (see common.gmk)
and this file assumes a javacall backend. You probably can change the configuration files or
change the fcUtil implementation to work without the javacall dependency.


Joined: 2009-11-18

Thank you, Davy!! It worked!