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Is it possible to address a daemon-like service entity?

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I have a question related to the daemon-like services. JSLEE 1.0 mentions the daemon-like Service entities. I am trying to implement a simple daemon which keeps track of the number of active SIP calls. My service is called CallCounter and it is implemented with CallCounterSbb. On ServiceStarted event, the CallCounterSbb entity initializes a counter variable with 0, and whenever there's a SIP INVITE, that variable needs to be incremented.
On initial event such as a SIP INVITE, a ReceiveInvitesSbb processes the message. Is it possible that ReceiveInvitesSBB has direct access to the CallCounter service SBB - more precisely the call counter? How do I refer, from the existing CallCounter Service SBB (the one which is created & maintained by the service-started event)? Is there any way we can address daemon sbb entities in a JSLEE container?
I want to avoid using a database, since creating a database transaction for each call would be a huge overhead.

I hope I was clear with the problem. Any idea/thought would be of great help.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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It seems that this is an error in the dispatcher of the container when the container tried to dispatch the INVITE event to the doInvite method of the servlet. I think this could be due to a conflict in the jar files that contains org.mobicents.servlet.sip.message.SipServletRequestImpl and

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