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How to set up a connection between Rendezvous?

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Joined: 2009-12-28

Hello everybody!

For two weeks I've been digging deep inside Jxta platform and I seem more lost than I was at the beginning.

I've read the programmer's guide along with some (rather old) books, While I know what each protocol does and what advertisments, pipes, bidipipes and so on are, I don't get how I could make two edge peers using two separate rendezvous to exchange messages.

I did the following on one rendezvous:
// Setting more configuration
Set rend = new HashSet();
networkConfigurator.setMulticast(name, networkConfigurator);
On the other I did something similar except for the rendezvous IP.

I have to mention that each of my rendezvous is a bidipipe server and accepts connections from edge peers in an infinite loop. The bidipipe serves are for exchanging some dummy messages for test.

I get an warning saying: WARNING: Could not get messenger for tcp:// : Connection timed out: connect

I don't manage to create the connection between the rendezvous and I just can't figure out how to communicate over a rendezvous infrastructure.

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Off-topic: Jxta seems a very cool solution for developing p2p apps but lacks so much the required documentation and It's painfully difficult to grasp.

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Joined: 2007-01-31

You don't need to organise communication between RDVs. You just need to set one RDV (with a public address) as a seed for the other RDVs and Edges and the communication will be established automatically.

You can check this with the latest 2.6 beta 2 release (see There is a code example called Connectivity Monitor you can try for yourself in the programmer's guide.