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Doesn't play on PS3

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Joined: 2009-11-19

Hey All,

After a month I am struggling with building a BD-J application, I finally did it.

My application works on Total Media Theater and CyberLink powerDVD.

I tried to to check my application on an HW player, the only one I had available is PS3. The application did load, but one of its function wasn't working well.
My application is using Playlist to start the movie\title from a Xlet, there are many MarkId in the Playlist, this function didn't work on PS3.

I can catch in the code if an exception is thrown while trying to located a certain BD Location, but no exception was thrown, it looks like the PS3 thinks it had played the movie properly and the movie just ended.

So basically I have 2 questions:
1. Can you guys\girls help me with your thoughts?
2. Do you think it might work on another HW player?