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Why CVM is called C Virtual Machine?

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Why does Sun call their VM for CDC devices C Virtual Machine ? Isn't that confusing. I mean it appears that is a virtual machine for the C language, not java. On the mobility faq sun says:

FAQ question:

What is the difference between a Java virtual machine (JVM) and a C virtual machine (CVM)?

FAQ Answer:

The short answer is that CVM is a JVM. The longer answer is that CVM is a full-featured JVM designed for higher-end, emerging, next generation consumer electronic and embedded devices, that is, devices with a 32-bit processor and 2Mb+ of total memory. These devices include wireless communicators (such as devices running Symbian's EPOC OS), high-end PDAs (for example, devices running embedded Linux or Windows CE), residential gateways, automotive telematic systems, and screenphones.


It's really confusing. Or I'm missing the point????

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Well, that depends on what you think "C" stands for. When we named it, we somewhat jokingly said it could mean it was written in C, that it was Compact, or that it is a VM for CDC. Officially I don't believe the "C" stands for anything. I never heard anyone mention before that that at first they thought it was a VM for C.

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