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LoadedSkinData ERROR on PhoneME Advanced Dual Stack

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Hi Everyone!

I'm having this problem on PhoneME Advanced Dual Stack from davy ( running on a Windows CE 5 device.

The message that appears in the screen is:
ERROR! Bad CNI/KNI method return type for com.sun.mipd.chameleon.skins.resources
REPORT: MIDlet suite has unexpectedly quit.

And a dialog window that comes together says "Java program has exited."

My configuration file .txt is:

-Xmx2m -Dmicroedition.profiles=MIDP-2.1 "-Dsun.boot.class.path=\IPSM\dual\lib\" "-Dsun.midp.home.path=\IPSM\dual\midp\midp_wince" sun.misc.MIDPLauncher -midppath "\IPSM\dual\midp\midp_wince \classes" -suitepath "\IPSM\dual\apps\MyApp.jar" -1

Am I doing something wrong??
Please, help me.

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Joined: 2007-01-03

The skin issue is not something to worry about. I get
that too without the midlet failing. I assume the two o's
in microoedition is just a typo.

I guess you are trying to use JSR 135 multimedia
capabilities which are only partially (if not at all)
supported supported in the dual stack. Can you check what
happens if you disable that part?


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Hi Davy!!

I don't know if this helps but I can run the same midlet in the PhoneME feature without error.
I'm not using any capabilities from JSR 135 explicity.

And how can I disable the JSR 135 without recompile the VM to shut down a possible use of this JSR that seems to be not supported?

Obs:sorry for my english!


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Yes, I made a pretty simple minimal feature incomplete jsr 135 implementation to do
really basic stuff and compiled phoneME Feature with this extension. I did not include
this jsr in the phoneME Advanced dual stack. That might explain why it works with the
other VM.

I did not intend you to recompile the VM, but rather modify midlet if you have access
to the source code to disable any use of*

If somebody knows of a open source jsr 135 implementation (with a WinCE
compatible native backend), I am always interested.


Joined: 2009-01-27

Hi Davy!

Thanks for the help.

I understand the point! I'll look for a possible use of the jsr 135 i my own code, but I am not sure if it will help cause I'm using the LWUIT framework and obviously it use the implementation of this jsr.

My need is about to increase the memory of the VM, and with the dual stack I can do it. If I can do it with the PhoneME feature too, it will help so much.

Can we take one of these other ways?

Thank you again!

Joined: 2007-01-03

LWUIT is using the* APIs in its Game Canvas implementation. But
if you don't compile LWUIT yourself and don't use these APIs in your midlet, it should not be
a problem. E.g. LWUIT also needs the M3G APIs (JSR 184) to compile for some 3D effects. I
have a midlet that does not use 3D features, and it works fine on my VM without JSR 184

If I am not mistaken, the default heap space of phoneME Feature is set at compile time, and in
my builds the minimum heap is 3M and the max capacity is 8M. There is also a command line
parameter to increase the heap space. The CLDC configuration option =HeapCapacity10M is
supposed to set the heap space to 10M, but I have not tried if this works on WinCE. You need
to append this option right after the runmidlet.exe filename in your startup script.

254#\phoneme\midp\arm\bin\runmidlet.exe =HeapCapacity10M ...


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Can you tell me how to solve this problem?