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Validation and Ajax

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Joined: 2005-04-04

Hi everyone,

I'm tinkering with the new (to me) AJAX support in JSF 2.0. I've managed to get a lot of useful functionality figured out, but I'm missing one thing that seems relatively important (I suspect I just can't find the right documentation) -- the ability to render error messages after an ajax call.

I have a form with an inputText component that allows the user to enter a value. This value is goes to a property on an EJB with a @Pattern validation constraint that restricts the acceptable input values to only lowercase letters (no numbers, uppercase, space, etc). There is a that causes all acceptable values to be added to a data table.

I have a in my form that works as expected without ajax, but when I enable Ajax on the , I can't seem to get the error message to appear when I give invalid input.

Thanks for any help!