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Calling Glassfish webservice from Perl/Javascript?

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Dear Glassfish developers,

I'm a little stuck here. I have indexed lots of data using the Lucene package ( and created a webservice deployed using Glassfish for other developers (within the same company) to access the data.

Using Netbeans and Glassfish I am very very spoiled. Accessing the webservice using Java is really a piece of cake. Unfortunately, not all of my co-workers have been infected by the Java virus. One of the students works in Python and after weeks of trial and error he was able to talk to the Glassfish server. I wasn't much of a help, using Netbeans it works instantly.

Ok, now my boss wants to integrate the data into other projects. These consists of viewers that are integrated into browsers (IE or Mozilla). The underlying packages are written in Perl and some Javascript. Here the problem starts, my co-workers can't get it to work. It's really a SOAP drama, they tried SOAP::Lite, but the SOAP requests are totally different (link to dutch forum:
they already gave up, so I had to dive into the ugly world of Javascript. Tried 2 scripts

1) jQeury plugin

Used Firebug to debug. What a horror, didn't work at all. Does anyone have any experience using Perl or JS? Or perhaps some other ideas to alternatively access the Lucene index.

Thanks in advance


EJ Blom