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Creating Device Skins

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I'm very new to all of this so this question may have been asked/answered a million times... but if so. I can't find the answer :(

I have a HTC Touch HD. It has a WVGA screen. What I would like to be able to do is setup a device profile in the Sun Java ME Platform SDK that uses an image of the device and the correct device settings so that I can test my MIDlet in the emulator with the correct screen size.

Are there instructions somewhere on how to go about building a device profile including skin images etc? If there are, can someone please point me at them?


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I checked with the Java ME SDK team on this. The creation of device skins has changed from WTK 2.5 to Java ME SDK and the new method is not yet documented. The Java ME SDK team will put together basic instructions on how to create device skins for the new SDK and post them to their blog.

So please check the Java ME SDK blog in a day or two:

-- Terrence