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Location API on non-JSR179 compliant handsets

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Hi guys

I have written an application using LWUIT using location api extensively. It works 100% on handsets which implement JSR 179 completely ie. Nokia S60 series, most Sony Ericssons and so on.

Now I would like to extend my supported handset list to include models which don't implement the JSR in its entirety. One example of such a handset is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. It is a Windows Mobile device, it has GPS and GPRS technologies. Some other applications like Google Maps does make use of the GPS in the device to probe it for location data. My problem is that I cannot for the life of me get it to start up the GPS and give me data back. In my current application I am using LocationProvider, LocationListener and so forth, which works 100% with only a few lines' worth of effort. But the XPERIA X1 just doesn't budge.

Is there any guidelines / ideas / suggestion to minimise this sort of fragmentation? Should I write a wrapper class around the Location API to try and make it support more handsets (no idea where to even start with this idea if its viable) or what? It is getting quite urgent for me to extend my handset base.

Any ideas are much appreciated