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Problems in authentication

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Joined: 2009-07-01

When I use Configuring Wonderland Authentication (tutorial) to build Authentication. Once I edit the property of Darkstar server. I can't restart it.
For example, in the tutorial, it said I must add a "sgs.password.file" int to darkstar.But I can't restart it if I add that one~~~
Searching for help

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Joined: 2010-02-16

Hi Bro....

i m facing similiar problem...wat i gt is we need to put the path of sgs.password.file in front of that......
nw i dnt knw is it already created somewhere or we need to create it....

search some forums if u can find smthing...pls let me knw.


Joined: 2008-06-16

Guys, you may want to move this discussion to the new forum: