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Rotation & RotationInterpolator

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Joined: 2009-12-02

Hi folks,
i just have a problem understanding the behavior of RotationInterpolator.

Heres my sourcecode:

My scenegraph:
_| - rootTG
__| - sunTG
___| - home1RotTG
____| - home1TG
_____| - Sphere
_____| - moon1RotTG
______| - moon1TG
_______| - Sphere
___| - home2RotTG
____| - home2TG
_____| - Sphere

Its like a small solarsystem.
Now heres the problem:
The homeplanet should be spin around himself too, like in the solarsystem. ( So we have a rotation to the sun and a rotation of the planet itself, both standalone.

The rotation around the sun is working, now how i add a spin around the planets themself?

And, thats my main question:
I want to draw the path of the rotation with a line.
How do i do that? it would be easy if i could get some point of the rotation and simply draw lines between them.
I could calculate the path, but im searching for a better and easier way ;)

Thanks for help!
And sorry for some grammer/spellingmistakes.