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RDV and Relays

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Joined: 2007-07-06

Actually in fact does anyone have the following to share / or any doc I
can look at -
- the config section of a rdv/rly
- the config section of edge peers running behind NAT and being able
to connect to this rdv/rly either over tcp or http.

It seems to me that I am still getting some issues on this front since I
upgraded to 2.5 from 2.4.1.

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Joined: 2008-12-03


Look at JXTA Network Configuration :

Best regards

Joined: 2007-07-06

I did thanks Richard - didn't help much but some good presentations in there. I am following up on some examples with the code baseline distribution to see how it is done there. I will post any solutions I find.

Many regards