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Pipe ID

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Joined: 2007-07-06

Hi Jerome,

just a few more details on the PipeID issue just in case this can be relevant in other contexts as well.

In 2.4.1 I could issue this:
JxtaBiDiPipe myjxtabidipipe = (JxtaBiDiPipe) event.getSource();
clientPipeID = myjxtabidipipe.getPipeAdvertisement().getID().toString();

and get back the ID of the client that is connected to my server pipe. Trying this exact
code in 2.5 does not return the ID of the client anymore. I tried a few more things
such as
PipeID clientPipeID2 = event.getPipeID();
clientPipeID = clientPipeID2.toString();

because Mohamed mentioned once that he put a change in 2.5 to handle this and give me
back the client pipe - but it does not seem to work and it only returns the ephemeral
Pipe ID.

Any ideas anyone can have on this to help out that would be good - I need to get the
ID right after the event occurs (incoming message on the pipe). I will post this on the
forum as well.

Thanks in advance

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Joined: 2007-07-06

HI all,

Hi all,

you probably saw an earlier posting regarding a PipeID issue that I have with 2.5 that didn't exist with 2.4.1.
Until I am able to report this as an incident I wanted to ask a couple of questions to the list in case someone
has a few insights on the situation.

I agree with Jerome that there may have been some kind of a functionality loss between 2.5 and 2.4.1 in this
particular case. I use a JxtaBiDiPipe on a client peer to connect to a JxtaServer pipe. Each time a response
message will arrive from the server peer to the client peer, the PipeMsgEvent method that I implement in
my client application is called by the lower JXTA layers as expected. I use the following piece of code to extract
the PipeID of the JxtaBiDiPipe on which the event (arriving message) occured on:

JxtaBiDiPipe myjxtabidipipe = (JxtaBiDiPipe) event.getSource();
String myclientPipeID = myjxtabidipipe.getPipeAdvertisement().getID().toString();

However, this code does not work in 2.5 - I receive a cast exception at runtime. I noticed that in 2.4.1 the
PipeMsgEvent extens the whereas in 2.5 it extends the java.util.EventObject directly.
So I am wondering -
(1) why was this change implemented in 2.5? Just curious on the rationale behind it
(2) I don't see any other way to get the PipeID of the JxtaBiDiPipe to which a message has arrived at - unless I am
missing something. I thought may be one way to solve this was for the server pipe to send the PipeID of the client
pipe it is connected to each time it sends a message to that pipe but I think this is not a good solution at all.

I know 2.6 is the hot item these days so the issue above can take a back seat but if anyone has any more info
on this I will appreciate it if they can share it here.

Thanks and happy new year.