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Grin Security Tools

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I'm new to the Grin Security Tools.

I have 2 questions which will probably generate more as they get answered.

Question 1
Whats wrong with this:

set KEYSTORE_NAME=studio.keystore
set STORE_PASS=storepass
set KEY_ALIAS=studio_key
set KEY_PASS=keypass
set JARFILE=00000.jar <-btw this exists

java -root -keystore %KEYSTORE_NAME% -storepass %STORE_PASS% -alias %KEY_ALIAS% -keypass %KEY_PASS% -debug 7fff0001

I keep getting a:
Failed: Bad OrgID -storepass, please provide an 8 digit hex.

It seems like if I just use
java 7fff0001 - the tool works as intended and I get the app.discroot.crt.
Also which flag do I need to use for signing jars -root or -app? or Both?

Question 2
Whats the process of create a Credential using the BDCredentialSigner. Ive read the Readme but it dosent seem to have the actuall process of what do I create first, second.....

Thanks in advance

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That's the windows cmd's setting of variables, which is not setting the variables as you might be expecting.

My suggestion is just type in those parameters by hand on the command line. I'm sorry I am not a windows cmd user, I always use cygwin on windows for using command line tools.

For credential signing, I agree that there is lot of scope for improvement in the documentation. If you come across specific problem while using the tool, I can help you with that.
Also, I would suggest you to check out the xlets/tests/functional/BudaCredentialTest (some thing like that) directory for the tests that access BUDA using buda-credentials. This is the good place to find out how the credential signer is being used.

Joined: 2009-06-17

Thanks 4 the reply Jaya
I took out all of the windows cmd setting of variables and got the same error

java -root -keystore studio.keystore -storepass storePass -alias keyAlias -keypass keyPass -debug 7fff0001
Any thoughts?

I'll check ot the BudaCredentialTest.