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Simple client server on internet

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Joined: 2009-12-01

I have read the tutorial applications, but I don't understand how it should work on real internet. How client locate server? On what? INetAddress isn't required. Could somebody give me simple code to just comminucate two computers? (both behind NAT)

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Joined: 2009-11-30

Hi peterpz,

I'm also a newbie and trying desperately to understand this fully platform. I also have an open question (right below yours) but I think I can try to explain to you what I've learned so far about this type of comunication. (Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong ;) )

Basically, you cannot make two peers communicate both behing NAT without a relay peer visible to both. To locate server or an entry point in the network you use a rendezvous peer that you specify or through broadcast if you have other peers on the same subnet.

I don't have any code to show you because I have not started programming, I'm just struggling to understand all the inner workings of this platform. But you can get a better understading reading the JXSE 2.5 programming guide from

Hope it helps,