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Where to download simple java desktop applications source codes?

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Dear Friend,
I am learning Java for three months. Now, I have studied Java fundamental.
And I am now developing a simple project, that is, book rental system. I created a database using Microsoft Access and use NetBeans 6.7 to create Forms. But I faces many difficulties. According to my knowledge, there must be a main method in the whole project. But when I created forms using NetBeans, each forms has its own main method. Moreover, I don't know how to connect these Forms classes in a whole project and have a main method in this project. And I have been learning java by myself-that is, reading books and learning from internet tutorials. Therefore, I want to see some java projects as examples. Therefore, I surfed internet and search the sample project like book rental system. But I did not find it. Therefore, please advise me where can I find these simple application. That's all. I am looking forward to your replies.

Yours sincerely,

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Java Forms are created by making an instance containing a JFrame instance or extending JFrame. Then you would call the setVisible(true) method on the JFrame instance. You can thus use this anywhere in youyr code.

You need only 1 main method to have an entry point.

check out the java sun swing tutorial on:

additionally check out this 3rd party site:

it contains many java examples ranges from Forms to Java programming..
Just have a browse.