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Virtual Office Business Model

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Joined: 2009-11-30

Fwiw I've been working on a virtual office for quite some time, not as technically ambitious as many of the "Wonders" you all have constructed (kudos btw) but more akin to a "facebook for business" (not linkedin ;).

Regardless, I started out with Flash/Actionscript but am frustrated at a number of aspects so considering moving on to JavaScript (albeit via GWT and O3D) or even Java/JavaFX. Much of the latter is appealing excepting perceived plugin and performance issues -- comments?

Other factors being the same, a Java app conceptually should perform better than a browser encapsulated Jscript shouldn't it (ie the slowness I've experienced in your worlds is due to increased complexity/bandwidth/etc)?

More directly related to Wonderland/Darkstar, while reviewing the videos I think I heard that your scalability limit at the moment was approx 25 users at a time???

Insofar as I'm looking at an initial "level" WITHOUT avatars or collaboration my thought at the moment is GWT/JavaScript with a Google App Engine "backend" (mostly for scalability) but JavaFX "apps" (love the drag to desktop feature) and a "go to Conference Room/Tradeshow" (based on Darkstar) surcharged option. Thoughts??? (note I'm less knowledgeable coding than I am researching :)

Thanks in advance