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some questions about relays : switch peer mode runtime, discover relays

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Joined: 2007-04-27

I'm developing a jxta based p2p file-sharing application, since here in my country there is a provider that doesn't provide public IP but a private NATted IP , I would like to make one or more peer of mine jxta app to become relay/rdv runtime if it discovers that there are not relays/rdvs on my network.
Is it possible to change the peer mode while running ?

However I would also like my peers to be able to discover relays on my peergroup and use them as their relay. Using the discover service is it possible to distinguish normal "full edge" peers from "relays" or "rendezvous" ?

I have another question, if the two things I said before are possible , is it possible to make those relays "private" to my peergroup so only my peers can use them ?

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Joined: 2007-01-31

You can dynamically become a RDV, but not a relay while running. You can't use the discovery service to distinguish relays from rdvs and full egde (and you don't really need to).

No, you cannot make a realy private to your peergroup. However, this may change in a future release.