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Please help Me out with this poker Problem

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* The dealer gives 5 cards to each player in the game.
* The players change some of their cards if they want.
* The players bets or folds their cards. The bets can be done in any order.
* The dealer shows the bets of the other players in the game in the order that they were made.
* When the betting is finished the hands of the players that has not folded their cards are compared to each other and the winner as well as the winning hand is shown to all players by the dealer.

UseI used the following programs to write my own poker game.

* PokerServer: Reads in information from the commandprompt and starts the poker server (dealer).
* PokerImplement: Uses the information from PokerServer, runs the server side of the application and communicates with the poker clients (players).
* PokerClient: Reads in information from the commandprompt and starts the poker client (player).
* PokerClientApp: Uses the information from PokerClient, runs the client side of the application and communicates with the poker server (dealer).
* Cards: Contains the constructors and metods need to create and shuffle a card deck, extract cards from the deck and to determine which of two 5-card hands is the winner.
* All java files are Zipped here..
http : / / rapidshare com / files / 312742275 / [Links are not allowing i fashioned in such a way

My job in this part is to use to create a multicast group where all the players can recieve the same information from the dealer at once.

The players must see all the other players requests to change cards and bets in the exact order (Total order) as it came in to the dealer. To achieve this the following must be used:

* The game will need a sequence number for every message that is incremented by one for every new multicast message. The sequence numbers are used to ensure that request messages are delivered in the same order to all the multicast destinations.
* A history buffer, which holds a list of messages, already sent to the destinations, together with their sequence numbers.
* This means that the use of acknowlegment messages is not allowed.

I should not set sockets' time-to-live (TTL) to more than 1. That way, my multicast packets will not be transmitted beyond the local router.

I can only run the previously specified programs with the client (player) and server (dealer) on the same computer. Otherwise the parts on the client side that calls methods on the server side will not work yet.

Please help me out with the program. By finishing this i can get my bachelors completed. I am stuck with this lab. Eventhough i am good at java, i am unable to understand and implement the per my knowledge i have created some class files. please go through that and give me the complete code that can be executed. I need this favour. If u do so i would be the most happiest person and most thankful to you. You guys can send me source at ghanta dot sairam at live dot com

Thanking you sir,

sairam ghanta