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Joined: 2009-11-25

Hello All,

there is maybe a failure in this code:

protected void loadAppletParameters() {
//Get the applet parameters.
String at = getParameter("img");
dir = (at != null) ? at : "./images";


shouldn't it be:
String at = getParameter("dir");

If I change this the Applet will run, could you please let me know if the code is wrong or I have thought something wrong,

thanks a lot


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Joined: 2010-01-07

Hi ldo,

in my opinion, the original code is correct since "img" ist the name of the parameter as described in the method "getParameterInfo()":

{"img", "string", "the directory containing the images to loop"},

I think the fact that all the other variables are named exactly like the the parameters might have confused you.

Regards, Niko