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Multiple java_vm process on linux with firefox

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We are running oracle webforms on firefox with sun java plugin 1.6.0_14 on linux (SLED10).

This is running normally without problems when we start 1 session (1 firefox --> 1 java sun plugin). However when we start multiple sessions on 1 pc (2 firefox sessions, or 1 firefox session and 1 thunderbird mailing session), it occurs frequently that 1 of the java_vm sessions is kicked out.

We noticed that when we start 2 firefox sessions, we expect 2 firefox processes and 2 java_vm processes, BUT there is only 1 firefox-bin process and only 1 java sun plugin for 2 sessions we start!!!! (this is not the case on windows f.i.)

Is there a way to start 1 java sun plugin process for every session we start that needs the java sun plugin?



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Have you tried the "separate_jvm" parameter ?

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Documenting screwed up behavior and then telling people you've documented it and that they should read the documentation about the screwed up behavior doesn't fix the problem.

The separate_jvm parameter is potentially very useful. But it should be strictly binary.

That is, if it is set, then the applet it is set for should be executed in a separate jvm.

If it is not set, then the applet should be run in the first jvm that is spawned for the first applet that does not specify a separate jvm.

This should be obvious behavior -- not a "sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't" behavior.

The way this particular feature was engineered is yet another example of the failed engineering strategy that has wrecked what could have been the premier desktop programming environment.

Another nice mess you've gotten us into....

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This is probably due to the next-generation plugin introduced in JRE 1.6.0_10 and onwards.

The NGP, can and will run as many or as few JVMs as it deems necessary. There is absolutely no guarantee that there is a 1 to 1 mapping between the Firefox instances and JVMs. Sun makes it clear that this behaviour is deliberately "left loosely specified"...

I suggest you check out the NGP documentation.