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About RAQ Report Functions

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Joined: 2009-11-08

I use RAQ Report to develop web report, but I confronted the error message “no report config file” when we preview the report, and make it impossible to preview.
The error message in the console is:

javax.servlet.ServletException: No report config file!
at com.runqian.report4.view.ReportServlet.loadConfig(Unknown Source:75)
at com.runqian.report4.view.ReportServlet.reloadConfig(Unknown Source:823)
at com.runqian.report4.tag.HtmlTag.doStartTag(Unknown Source:20)

Can anyone solve the problem? thanks for your help.

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Joined: 2008-12-29

We can't get any useful information for the error message, in fact, the reason is some detail neglected when the config file is edited, and mistakes were made next, let's see the right config file codes.

Step 1: The details in reportConfig.xml that should be noticed
Step2: you should note that the datasource name in the config file should be in accordance with the one that connected in the report, or the no config file error will be reported.
the configuration information of the datasource in reportConfig.xml is as follows:


Step3: next let's see the servelet configuration about RAQ Report in web.xml.
In the web.xml file, the servlet and taglib use in report system are configured, if the Other servlets and filters are configured in the project, you should make sure that it will not have any effect on the servlet of the report, otherwise the report will not run properly.

Step4: check the config file of the database connection pool, generally with the same name as the application folder, here we named it demo.xml (the database connection configuration of weblogic and websphere server is in a wizard style, please refer to the J2EE deployment documentation for more detail):

Take tomcat as an example, the configuration of database connection pool of tomcat5.5 or earlier version is as shown below:


The configuration of database connection pool changed for version of the application server after tomcat5.5-tomcat6.0, as shown below:


Step5: there's one more thing you should notice, after modifying the config file, you need to clear the server cache and restart service and reload the config file.

To sum up, it's not that hard to handle the "no report config file" error, just make sure the code and position in the cofig file are right, when the error comes out, check the file according to the items mentioned above, and problem will be solved.

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