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Doubt regarding multiple workbenches in OCAP trunk

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Joined: 2009-11-17

When I went through the directories I have seen multiple workbenches. After reading some posts I concluded that, Vidiom's Workbench is kind of obsolete and tru2way workbench is in use. Is that correct?

If it is so, why there are some directories for Vidiom stuff. Is tru2way workbench using some of the Vidiom's components?

Also, can we use tru2way workbench to alter/provide implementations within the specification or is it just used for developing applications?

If we cannot modify the implementations using workbench, how to do that?

Thanks in advance...................

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Joined: 2008-11-05

You are correct to assume that the Vidiom VISION Workbench code in this project is obsolete and no longer being supported. The CableLabs SDK can be found in the main trunk under

Workbench is based upon the TVT Framework from TvWorks. Some code has been leveraged from VISION Workbench to implement OCAP Project workflow features.

Workbench is mainly used for developing OCAP applications. The workbench uses the RI Emulator for simulating the applications using the RI OCAP Stack. You can think of the emulator as a port of the RI OCAP Stack to Windows.

If you want to alter the RI OCAP Stack implementation, you need to work in the tree. The ODLSrc directory contains the RI OCAP Stack implementation and the RI_Platform directory contains the underlying platform support for the Windows port.