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OCAP - RI stack modification

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Hi all,

I want to clarify my understanding

**If I want to modify the OCAP stack (say to add a feature to a module), how do i do it?
**Is modification to the OCAP-stub.jar a correct approach to add or modify the features ?
**If the above mentioned modification to OCAP -stub correct, how to add the modified OCAP stack to the new projects?
**Do i need to build a tru2way plugin for including the new stub.jar file. How can this be done?
**I assume the test suites provided in the OCAP trunk are fully OCAP compliant?(which means the test suites cover all the OCAP specifications to be tested). Is the assumption correct?

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If you are talking about making a change (or addition) to the public APIs exposed to OCAP applications, we do not support these types of community-driven changes at this time. The OCAP specifications are tightly controlled by CableLabs and the major cable operators and this project is meant to provide a strict implementation of those specs. All modifications to the specs must go through the CableLabs specification revision process.

Unless you have a specific agreement with CableLabs to work on a new feature that would deviate from the current OCAP and extension specifications, we can not provide support for this type of work since it is not in the greater interests of the project as a whole.

With that in mind, I can provide some general information about the stubs and tests. The OCAP stub jars in the project trunk represent ongoing development of future specification releases. They will go through changes throughout the course of a development cycle as we move towards implementing the next revision of the specifications. The stub jars are used to compile the OCAP test applications located in $OCAPROOT/apps/qa. They are also packaged with the tru2way SDK in each major release. However, please keep in mind that the OCAP test applications are not the primary mechanism by which we validate the RI against the spec and they may be in various states of compliance and correctness (we have plans to update these tests for complete compliance in the future). CableLabs has its own set of tests that stack vendors must pass in order to gain certification.


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This is what I think I know:

-stubs are generally not modified. They define the OCAP interface, which is defined by specification. Changing the specification falls under another process (ECN) and requires careful deliberation and involvement by CableLabs.

-However, you can alter/provide implementations within the specification. In several areas the RI has "stubbed" or non functional implementations. If you wish to contribute in those areas please read the Code and Contributions FAQ: here .

-If you discover a bug please open an issue in Issue Tracker. If you determine a fix, after appropriate process, examination and review we may include it. Again, please look over the FAQ.

-The state of the tests included in the trunk is unknown. The development team has been focused on making sure that the RI, the CTP (Certification Tests) and specification are consistent and correct.