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mpeenv.ini description

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Would it be possible to have a wiki on configuration settings used by the OCAP-RI stack.
Most of of them are in mpeenv.ini, but some of them are not defined.

Ideally I would like a document that shows:
1. a description of each variable (better than current comments in mpeenv.ini)
2. whether it is optional or mandatory
3. whether the implementation uses a default value (and what that value is).
4. Which modules/classes in the implementation read/set the variable.
5. For paths variables indicate how they should be set (relative/absolute paths, syscwd,...).

Also it might be useful to show how to set some of these variables to adjust the stack behavior. For example:
- How to start the stack in HD graphics mode?
- How to configure the stack to receive and process xait?
- How to turn off OOB table parsing?
- How to disable resource reclamation?
- How to disable authentication or ocap security?
- How to disable OCAP extension? Or is that even possible.


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Joined: 2009-05-06

Also a section in the release notes when the mpeenv.ini is changed from the previous release would help a lot.