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Netbeans 6.7.1 and Alice 3 - Can Not Find Move and Turn Gallery

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I am trying to get started with Netbeans and Alice. I have installed the following plugin

Source: Alice3ProjectWizard3.

When I run the Hello World test file I get this error:
"Can Not find Alice Move and Turn Gallery in its expected location:

Specify Actual Gallery Location

Please excuse me, but I am on a Mac (Snow Leopard) for the first time in ten years, and first time using Netbeans and Alice, so I am a bit stuck. I do not have a directory /Applications/Programming nor am I able to find an Alice/.../.../Gallery directory on the system, but again I am just getting started on this system.

In my Netbeans Projects Tab, Libraries - I can see the Alice 3 Libraries including the "moveandturn.jar" Hell if I can find them via Finder,Spotlight, or the Terminal

I would appreciate your suggestions, and hopefully a solution as to how to find and set the correct path/setting or whatever needs to be done.

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Joined: 2009-11-19

Problem was due to a slight installation misunderstanding. To view the Alice projects in Netbeans that I was sampling requires the resources included in the full install of Alice, in addition to the Alice Netbeans plugin.

So for those who get this error and have not downloaded the full approx. 520MB installer depending on your platform, that contains the missing resources.

I created a Programming directory with a subdirectory Alice in my Applications directory (Mac OS X V10.6.2) and moved the unzipped Alice3Beta folder into /Applications/Programming/Alice. Here is the path to that I have set up on my system: