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table dojo with data from servlet

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Joined: 2008-05-20

I've built simple app with the page containing jMaki table dojo and trying to feed it with the data from servlet. Although servlet is returning data correctly table is showing nothing when used with this servlet, neither value nor service pointing to this servlet works.

Where is the catch ?

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Joined: 2010-01-14

I may have an idea. Initially I had same problem but the table I used was:
The servlet data I was receiving in my glue.js was from within piece of code:

[b]jmaki.doAjax() { }[/b]

To update the table I'm using 2 statements:

1.[b] var row = { title : 'Book Title 3',author : 'Author 3',description : dbdata };[/b]
2.[b] jmaki.publish("/table/addRow",{ value: row } );[/b]

To make things work I had to put these two statements inside my [b]jmaki.doAjax() {}[/b] block; otherwise no table update occurred.

My guess is that we may have here synchronization issue. The data from the db must be availabe before the update jmaki.publish runs.

Hope this applies to your situation as well.