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V3 of J3DWorkbench available on sourceforge

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Joined: 2005-02-03

J3DWorkbench, a powerful tool for building and delivering complex Java 3D scenes was released on Many aspects of the runtime API and the tool have been re-written for robustness and extensibility.

Notable features include:

* A cleanup and fix of the Collada loader (source code will soon be checked back into j3d-contrib-utils). I have tested this with many DAE files, and so far none have failed.

* The "CloneFactory" for producing arbitrary numbers of other managed nodes, like particle effects, with their own lifespans and trajectories.

* Minor Java 3D loader bug fixes for more robust model import.

Of course, there are still plugins for medical volume rendering and realtime location tracking.

I am working on new demo scenes for Web Start delivery, in order to showcase the project, but I would encourage and welcome community involvement.

J3DWorkbench--is great for easing the development of Java 3D.