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Bridgehead disc: "Error! It still exists!" when trying to erase files

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Joined: 2009-09-04

I have burned the bridgehead disc. Then I upload and run my BD-J program. The good news is that it works great!

The bad news is that when I ask it to erase (press #3) it fails. I need to take the USB key out and erase it on a PC before loading another version onto it.

If I press #1 and try to load another version (without deleting everything using a PC) first it fails to erase, then it gives me a '' with the full directory + 00000.bdj file followed by (Read-only file system).

I tried using the JavaOne disc, and had the same problem even with the xlet that get's downloaded from the Internet. (I didn't compile the JavaOne disc - just burned). It seems no matter what I'm having trouble deleting from VFS.

I have tried this on a Sony BDP-S360 and a Panasonic DMP-BD60 with the same results.

Any ideas?


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Joined: 2004-02-13

You need to cancel the VFS update before you can delete the files from the BUDA. In bridgehead, there's a different menu option for this. On the JavaOne disc, it's the "Undo VFS update of downloaded files" option.