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Invocation API (JNI) for windows mobile with phoneme advanced

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I have a Problem with Invocation API on windows mobile. I have found some Informations to implement Invocation API in c++ as an windows32 application:

Is there any possibility to implement the Invocation API for windows mobile with phoneme advanced personal profile?

I have a c++ dll and i want to invoke a java class and some java methods but there are no header (jni.h) and library (jvm.lib) files available.
It would be great if you could post some links or examples how to implement Invocation API on windows mobile with phoneme

Thanks for your help


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The jni.h header can be found in the phoneME subversion repository:

but since it includes other headers, you may wish to checkout a development build
instead. The latest one is b140:

After compiling the sources all output - including the libraries such as cvm.lib and
cvmi.lib - can be found in cdc/build/win32-arm-ppc03 or cdc/build/win32-arm-wm5
depending on which OS you are targetting