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[FYI] Experimenting with translucent windows in SwingXDemos

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Joined: 2003-06-11

just a little :-) Roaming through Kirill's series about Trident I stumbled onto Onyx - a blueprint project for doing fancy animations in Swing - and was impressed which usually is a bit hard to reach by visual effects only

Reading the early articles about translucent toplevel windows, I decided to add the fade-out effect on closing (the main demo window and the calendar that can be opened in the extended monthView demo) - it was surprisingly easy:

- took the Anthony Petrov's AWTUtilitiesWrapper from
- took the fadeOutAndDispose utility method from Onyx utils and hooked the frames to it

you see the result (on systems which support the opacity, don't know exactly what the status is?) on closing:

Have fun!