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Slow java2d printing on Vista

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Joined: 2009-11-13

Hi guys!

Anyone else who has faced the same problem, that it takes 2-3 minutes before the page or print dialog box shows up when printing?

I run the same app on XP, and it works expectedly there.

One related question is that I could not get the Properties button enabled no matter which dialog box I use, the cross-platform nor the native. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Joined: 2010-01-29

When a document is printed, the application has to render each page when the printing system requests it. To support this mechanism, the application provides a page painter that implements the Printable interface. When the printing sys tem needs a page rendered, it calls the page painter's print method.

When a page painter's print method is called, it is passed a Graphics context to use to render the page image. It is also passed a PageFormat object that specifies the geometric layout of the page, and an integer p age index that identifies the ordinal position of the page in the print job.

The printing system supports both Graphics and Graphics2D rendering, To print Java 2DTM Shapes, Text, and Images, you cast the Graphics object passed into the print method to a Graphics2D.

To print documents in which the pages use different page painters and have different formats, you use a pageable job. To create a pageable job, you can use the Book class or your own implementation of the Pageable interface. To implement simple printing operations, you do not need to use a pageable print job; Printable can be used as long as all of the pages share the same page format and painter.


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