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BD-J Video Streaming Question

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Good afternoon folks,

I am interested in using BD-J to do online video streaming like Netflix. Progressive playlist and are technical approaches I am considering. I just received a Netflix Blu-Ray Disk for PS3 and it does the same thing I want to do. However it only works on PS3. My questions are:

1. If Netflix Blu-Ray Disk for PS3 is BD-J, why does it only play on PS3 but not other players? I tried to play it on my LG BD370 but it did not work.

2. What are the tradeoffs between Progressive playlist and Do you think both are valid approaches?

Thanks a lot in advance. Any ideas, comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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i tried using to create a player on it with the but it didn't worked. I always got a

so it seems that a progressive playlist will be the only way.