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6u18 when ?

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Joined: 2004-03-25

Hello. We are 18/12/2009.
- I just wanted to know if there was a "date" for the release of 6u18 "public" version.
- And also the date when the download of "java" point to -u18 rather tahn 6u17.

Thanks, Thierry java Frontend dev

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Joined: 2004-03-25

> 6u18 is released yesterday (1/13)

1) Yes and it is since a few days (it's 23/01/2010) the java standard download is also -u18

2) I must say that I notice some very very interesting speedup with my application :
- [b]JVM startup[/b] of the jvm looks on my machine I would say [u]30% faster[/u] than u17
- My [b]Applet Lauching[/b] is perhaps [u]25% faster[/u] to run (once the jvm is on)
- Finnally I notice also a [b]faster sartup-3D-rendering[/b] of my 3D scene [I use sun's java3D]. Maybe because image are faster to process, I really don't know... but that is really a good surprise.

Applet now getting sexy ...

I want in this post to thank the people(s) at Sun who have made this happy java-update-18 so great for me.
Good engeneering job. Bravo and thanks again !


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Can this new update be installed on any server. I use XP still and was making sure that it would be compatible with it?

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The same question for me. We have to plan our further upgrades of our product and it would be a great help when we'd know when java 6_18 is planned to be delivered.
Maybe you (sun) didn't realize, but Windows 7 is out for a while now and Java Apps (especially file dialogs) are not usable on Windows 7.
So we really need 6_18 to get windows 7 compatibility.

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6u18 is released yesterday (1/13).


Joined: 2006-11-09

With this new version, I've noticed that whenever I launch a webstart app, the webstart downloading/launching window always appears, even if for a split second. If there is a custom splash, it appears just after the splash. The attached screenshot shows this when launching one of the webstart apps from the sun tutorial.

Is this a bug or a feature? I find it visually annoying and unnecessary to show this window if there are no updates to be downloaded when launching the app.

Joined: 2006-07-30

Thanks for reporting this. We have created a bug report to keep track of the issue. Bug ID: 6918186

-- RY