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Two questions: connection modes and self onganizing peers?

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I'm planning to build such a p2p network, where I make sure every peer has good connection
(meaning NAT or firewall is not limiting connectivity). In my network there would be two
kinds of peers - server propagating messages to clients.

Question 1.
If I configure JXTA platform as shown below, which mode should I set?

configurator = new NetworkConfigurator();

Which mode for server?
Which mode for client?

Would mode ADHOC_NODE be most suitable for both?

Question 2. (extending question 1)

In page 8 of document JXSE_ProgGuide_v2.5.pdf under "What is JXTA™ Technology?", there is
paragraph which says:
The JXTA protocols standardize the manner in which peers self-organize into peer groups.

Does that mean that if I have lets say 1000 client peers, will they organize them selfs,
so that not every client peer is directly connected to my server peer? Or how can I
accomplish that?


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Q1 - No. Adhoc is a very questionable mode (IMHO). It has the peer only communicate on the LAN using multicasting. You want to investigate EDGE and RDVs.

Q2 - Yes. Typically, your servers peers could be RDVs. They would have to be registered as seeds in EDGE peers. Then, the party will take off by itself.