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Hello all again
I'm wondering where we can found the code that were on the site...

I see so many tutorials that references to that site, but when i click on thel link, never the server is found, and none references to the new site I have found, several articles from the user turbogeek that describes technical articles, but the articles's reference to a non existent page.


one example

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I found one link to the code Article The Socket API in JXTA 2.0 By Daniel Brookshier
April 2003. This code is for Jxta version 2.0. You have to adapt it for JXTA 2.5
Some years ago in this site :

Do you have jxtachat by timofiychuk :

Another exemple:

Peer Droid for JXME on ANDROID :

Best regards

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I was able to access the link you cite on

What in particular are you looking for with which we can help you? We can get you connected to the right folks working on Jxta, like Bernard Traversat - tra(at)

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the link is available.. I know that
but the resource... (the complete code of the example) is what I have not found. (it references to a subfolder of turbogeek under the domain)

I'm working on a project that will create a distributed Subversion Like system, and currently I'm stuck with Sockets, what I need is find a determined Peer in the group (that acts as Server of a 'x' Project and make request to that peer send me its files. or information about the status of the repository,

then what I need is that simple example that will ilustrate me with the steps that I have to follow, just that :)

Thanks ;)