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What causes

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On some players (but not on all) I am observing for some videos which causes it to stop playing momentarily. What is the real reason for this event? I am looking for something more descriptive than Player having to go to prefetching. Thanks in advance.

Vinay Agarwal

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How was the disc authored?

If you're playing a BD-RE disc that you made by dragging video files over and burning them with inexpensive burner software that's designed for data discs, then it's quite possible that the physical layout of your m2ts file doesn't obey the part 3-2 specifications for seamless playback. This, I assume, could lead to the behavior you're seeing.

To get seamless A/V playback, you need to use a program that makes a CMF (a cutting master file) that obeys the seamless playback constraints. I'm no expert in the specifics of this, but that would include taking into account what's in the .clpi and .mpls files, and making sure the physical layout of the m2ts file(s) on the disc doesn't require head seeks or other time-consuming activities that exceed the buffer model.


Joined: 2006-01-14

Thanks for the info. Although I am running from BUDA memory, the files aren't created by any fancy software but by tsMuxeR. I suppose there would be limitations to it.