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SwingX-Demos: call for JXMonthView custom navigation extensions

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Joined: 2003-06-11

a while ago I wrote a post about Madonna's underwear:

These days, I added a slightly more accessible version to the swinglabs demo to play with plugging in custom trousers (read: Highlighters and navigation headers in zoomable mode). See the "JXMonthView (extended)" demo page when running

it's clearly visible (and a well known fact since ages ;-) that I'd starve if I had to earn my living as a visual designer - particularly the default "spinnable" header is _ugly_

So, I would like to nudge the one or other developer to contribute their versions: for starters, I could add them as a configuration option to the demos so that we all can play with them. And maybe later add to swingx itself.